DuraPlay, Inc. is a full-service poured-in-place, seamless rubber safety surfacing corporation. Involved in the field since the introduction of this progressive safety surfacing, DuraPlay continues to add to its thousands of successful installations (over two-million square-feet).

Our goal is to establish and maintain working relationships that are mutually beneficial. For that reason, we never sub-contract our projects; therefore, our clients are assured consistently exceptional work at a fair price. We provide the finest quality surfacing and service with over 20 years experience in the industry. Our crews are strategically located so that they can complete jobs anywhere in the country.

We are efficient, reliable and consistent.

Statistically, 75%-80% of injuries to children on playgrounds occur when a child falls to an unsafe surface. Truth be known, the surface you choose may be the most important decision you make concerning your playground project. DuraPlay, Inc. provides long-term answers to playground safety with DuraPlay Surfacing System, a durable surface with consistent shock absorption that is beautiful and virtually maintenance-free.

DuraPlay Safety Surfacing provides a seamless, non-slip wearing surface fully accessible to everyone. This ADA compliant surfacing is self contained, allowing no loose particles to escape in shoes or pockets, while providing a safe, clean recreational surface.

Going Green is no longer an option. As we help produce sustainable surfacing for children to play on today, we never lose sight of the importance of preserving precious resources for them tomorrow. The DuraPlay Surfacing System has always been “Green”. You can be assured that every poured in place surface you purchase from DuraPlay is designed to last and to have minimal effects on the environment both during its production and life.

DuraPlay, Inc. remains in full quality control, never subcontracting to less experienced installation crews. Using the best materials available along with seasoned, in-house installers, DuraPlay consistently achieves quality poured-in-place seamless rubber surfacing.

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